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Who we are?

Since 1994, infoTRON with İstanbul and Ankara offices pioneers and delivers 3D high-tech solutions and consulting services to the leading Turkish companies operating in different sectors as automotive, defense, aerospace, electronics, manufacturing, construction, consumer goods and education.

3D high-tech products and services that infoTRON offers for design and production processes are based profound industry know-how and innovations of the company itself and its global partners. The dedicated engineers and technologists of infoTRON enable customers to adapt newer and higher 3D technologies to their business processes on an ongoing basis.

Product Design & Development:

Product Design and Development serves a wide spectrum from initial concept designs of products to the final stages of manufacturing, using high-end technology with powerful hardware and software, and most importantly by experienced, talented and hardworking designers and engineers. Product Design and Development’s mission is to be an excellent supplier of design and engineering products and services to the world renowned consumer goods, automotive, aerospace and defense corporations. Therefore, infoTRON offers product and service support for all procedures from idea to manufacturing:

3D Printer and Rapid Prototyping:

3D printing technologies have started to change the way of manufacturing, solution set starting from rapid prototyping to end-use parts is placed in Turkey by infoTRON. Mainly focused on saving time and reducing costs by faster design, modification and production. New 3d printing applications and implementation to companies carried out in infoTRON’s own benchmark center by application engineers since it is not only a reseller but also an engineering company.

3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering and Quality Control:

When used together or separately, these provides digitalization, speed and flexibility in design and production as well as quality product expectation. Thus, manufacturers have to incorporate advanced scanning systems into their product development processes. It is important to invest wisely in these three processes to fulfil the need for high quality and low waste rate with high cost efficiency. infoTRON supplies following products and services for a wide range of sectors as automotive, defense, aerospace, consumer products, dental, medical and so on:

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM):

PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) is a strategic business approach that applies a consistent set of business solutions in support of the collaborative creation, management, dissemination, and use of product definition information across the extended enterprise from concept to end of life – integrating people, processes, business systems and information. PDM (Product Data Management) is a subset of a PLM system. It primarily handles only CAD-related product data. The Design Department is the main input provider of a PDM system, whereas a PLM system requires organizational level involvement and integrates all the other information systems of an organization. In cooperation with Dassault Systèmes, infoTRON offers products, projects and related training & support for the best CAD/CAM/CAE and PLM System software.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

infotRON’s virtual reality solutions combines immersive engineering solution with high-end visualization and real-time simulation of product behavior in its actual size, and allows product operation very close to reality. Augmented reality for virtual maintenance and virtual task training makes it safer, cheaper and easier to train and evaluate your stuff. infoTRON offers the best solutions that fit with your needs.


infoTRON offers simulators and software for the development of modeling, simulation, visualization and embedded applications. infoTRON serves to defense industry and private sector with integrated and comprehensive end-to-end solutions based on open standards. infoTRON‘s solutions helps its customers reduce development risk, improve time-to-market, and lower costs in design, development and production of complex projects. We are committed to providing easy-to-use integrated modeling, simulation, and embedded solutions that meet the Industry 4.0 targets of our customers. As a team of highly motivated professionals, we are ready to serve at;

International Projects in 3D Technology Solutions.

We create the future in 3D with our partners.

We are with you with our 3D Technology Solutions.

For more detailed information about our 3D technologies, demo application and suggestions, please call
+90 (850) 441 5000.

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Average working time in infoTRON

25 years

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İstanbul 3D Teknoloji Merkezi

Atatürk Caddesi Çağatay Sokak
No: 9 Sancaktepe 34785 İstanbul

Tel: +90 (850) 441 5000

Ankara Ofis

ODTÜ-Teknokent Silikon Bloklar
17/1 No: B05 06531 Ankara

Tel: +90 (850) 441 5000

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    Bize Ulaşın

    İstanbul 3D Teknoloji Merkezi

    Atatürk Caddesi Çağatay Sokak
    No: 9 Sancaktepe 34785 İstanbul

    Tel: +90 (850) 441 5000

    Ankara Ofis

    ODTÜ-Teknokent Silikon Bloklar
    17/1 No: B05 06531 Ankara

    Tel: +90 (850) 441 5000