Interactive Virtual Reality Systems are 3D visualization solutions that make you feel in the real environment and collaborate with the user, enabling interaction with person / structure / machine in virtual environment.
The 3D models and environments of these solutions, thanks to the software and hardware used, address the user’s visual, auditory and tactile senses. In this way, it is possible to repair or use a car or container crane without having to produce in the real world, to perform a surgical operation in an operating room, or to visit a factory or airport.

These real-time simulation and visualization systems enable users to navigate inside the virtual environments created, to be able to perceive and interact with the environment as in the real world, as well as impossible-to-do inspection methods in the real world.

Thus, in many sectors, various business processes ranging from tests required in engineering and design to data analysis, promotions and technical training can be realized at faster and lower costs.

With the seamless integration of original 3D hardware and software technologies, infoTRON has developed four different products that can address different industry needs: ᵀᴿwall, olabilcave, elvrc and our virtual reality software RoT-Realization of Things.

Advantages of Virtual Reality Systems

  • High sense of reality and image quality
  • 3D stereo image
  • Collaboration
  • Interaction
  • Interactivity
  • 1: 1 scale visualization