TRwall ™ is a large-screen, room-shaped system with multiple image blender projections.

This system is the perfect integration for 3D visualization, which enables interactive work by making the user feel within the desired virtual environment thanks to the original hardware and software technology.

Supporting a wide range of business processes ranging from design and engineering processes to data analysis, promotions and trainings, infoTRON istemwall incorporates advanced technology monitoring and interaction devices with integrated interoperable stereographic image prompts, and features such as brightness, high resolution and color depth. It is an ideal solution for aerospace, space, energy, construction and other industries. The ability to obtain dimensions in 1: 1 dimensions is important for accurate scaling and ratio analysis, especially for automotive and general design work.

ᵀᴿwall Virtual Reality Solutions

With its wide range of products for engineering, manufacturing, design, building-construction, marketing and service & maintenance, infoTRON enables users to move around the models in the real world, making it possible to use these models in the real world. This approach increases efficiency by providing substantial savings in situations that require analysis of spatial relationships, and thus enables better decisions in a shorter time. By enabling data to be better understood, it enables the targets to be reached more quickly, efficiently and flexibly.

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