RoT – Realization of Things

The RoT Studio package consists of RoT Editor and RoT viewer.

Rot Studio Editor is a basic platform where you can add 3D models and create libraries with these models. The material, texture and color libraries you associate with these models are also created with RoT Editor. The editor is also your virtual world with your models and virtual worlds. With the editor, you can add video and audio files to your scenes and make your scenes more realistic. Get your model from your library, assign it to the model, associated material properties, textures and colors. Define the actions you want to do. Add your audio and video files to the scene.

Now you’re ready to experience the virtual world on one click RoT Viewer.

With Viewer you can interact with your models, you can change the texture, color and material properties you assign to the model. You can navigate inside the scene, or move the model or objects freely or in a predefined way. You can take measurements and sections, play your video and audio files, and view your prepared notes for the scene and its models.

“Imagine, design, view, configure,

perform engineering reviews and change configuration”

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