+ What is it for?

It aims to make people aware of the earthquake and to be prepared for the earthquake by taking necessary measures.

+ 3D visual cage

Fully feels like in real environment.

+ Live the earthquake with VR

Without any physical objects, it feels an earthquake.

+ Moving Platform

Unlike other platforms, Earthquake Simulator has a mobile platform. Thanks to the mobile platform, it enhances the real experience.

+ Multiple Scenarios

3 different rooms can be selected with different settings.

+ Experience Past Earthquakes

By changing the data file, past earthquakes can be experienced.

+ Realistic Appearance

Earthquake Simulator 3D VR uses transparent stereoscopic 3D glasses to make you feel like you are in real life.

+ For everyone

Not only children but also adults can learn the effects of the earthquake and how to prevent negative effects.

+ Try and Learn

The touch screen and simulator increase the awareness of the children’s earthquake with multiple choice questions.

+ Destroy Tabs

Earthquake 3D VR Simulator uses backprojection technology to make 3D effects more effective than ever.

+ Educational for children

Touch screens inform children about the effects of the earthquake and protection from these effects.