3D Experience / Enovia is offered to users with two different options; On Premise and On Cloud. On Premise, if a local server is used for all processes to be managed, a particular operation is required for the server installation. This setup process can be completed in a period of 3 to 8 days depending on the purchased PLM content and the types of applications that come with it.


PLM (Product Life Cycle) is actually a process management. All processes such as design, analysis, manufacturing, BOM, purchasing and document management are managed through PLM programs. It is also important to use the program correctly until you have a PLM program. In order to do this, it is necessary to analyze all the processes of the company that bought PLM Program correctly, to construct and transfer to PLM system. In this process, which is called the process of implementation, a road map is extracted according to the data obtained from the company and then a PLM structure suitable for all processes is created. This process is one of the most important stages of PLM service.

Go live

In the implementation process, sample parts and documents are used instead of original company data and documents. A sample test environment is also created. The processes that are designed and tested in the test environment are now being used in the company’s own real environment in the transition phase of the company to the next stage. At the end of this process, PLM setup and processes are completed and the system will be ready for use.

On The Job Implementation

After the transition phase to live, the user processes are given by using the company’s own data and real data related to the use of company processes and PLM programs. This last stage of the process is very important for the correct use of PLM and the correct transfer of experience. The PLM process is completed with this last stage. In addition to these stages, remote support için or in on-site support services are provided to solve the problems that will occur during use.