infoTRON has been able to offer professional technical support, installation, training and maintenance services since 1994 with the knowledge and experience of operating.

Our Technical Support department is constantly giving the fastest, most reliable, most accurate service to our customers in the most economical way, and making continuous investments in order to improve their services, to provide a variety of technical services and to keep up with the ever-changing and developing technology.

For our customers who are under warranty, technical services are offered free of charge and our technical service services continue to be available as spare parts and service for our customers whose warranty coverage has ended.

We offer the same terms and maintenance agreement packages for our customers whose warranty coverage is over.


Our technical service is equipped with all necessary equipment and measurement tools, and provides a comprehensive technical service against all problems that may occur after the installation and commissioning of all products you purchase. Our technical team takes technical trainings about our products from the expert staff of the company we are the representative of and we keep our information up to date with our continuity through these trainings.

3D Printers’ Consumables

All consumables consumed in our products are available from us. The original products and types of manufacturers are safely offered to our customers. Consumables are delivered to our customers safely in our original box.


Tomorrow’s engineers, Designers and problem solvers deserve him the tool, which is possible for a brilliant future engineering. When students see and test their own ideas in the 3D edition, all obstacles to creativity are removed.

3D printers, integrated into education, are able to lead classes and take a quick start against the challenges of tomorrow, in line with the most advanced technologies they will encounter in professional careers. Stratasys 3D Printers feature unique material properties, impressive detail, precision and durability to break down all barriers.


We want to use the systems smoothly and efficiently for a long time, so it is very important that they are regularly maintained. The maintenance service is free of charge under the warranty / maintenance agreement and twice a year.