Affordable Professional 3D Printer from Stratasys: F120

A 3D printer that delivers industrial 3D printing to industry professionals, and attracts attention with its reachability.

Introducing the newest addition to the Stratasys F123 Series. Desktop 3D printers are being updated with the industrial expertise of Stratasys.

Continuous printing.

Accurate and accurate results, user-friendly interface, workflow and durable 3D printing equipment are available on the F120. With new, large filament boxes, you can print up to 250 hours of continuous printing, and with 3 times faster printing time, you can quickly convert your investments.

Plug. Print.

With the Stratasys F120 you’ve just started 3D printing, you’ll be happy to install and start printing immediately with GrabCAD software. Significantly simplify your workflow without the need for special training or a dedicated technician.

Stratasys challenged
the competition.
And came out on top.

The Stratasys F120 outperforms the competition. But don’t just take our word for it. Over 1000 hours were spent independently testing a number of key build attributes, including feature reproduction, part sturdiness and surface quality. The Stratasys F123 Series and its engineering-grade materials came out on top.

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