SLM Solutions, the breakthrough in the additive manufacturing systems market, has guided the start of the  Selective Laser Melting process as a manufacturer of fast custom prototyping equipment and layered production components.

With over 50 years of experience, SLM Solutions GmbH offers a wide range of fast manufacturing solutions as a technology leader. The name SLM (Selective Laser Melting), which takes its name from the technology it uses, stands for Laser Selective Melting. It is a laser melting process that produces homogeneous metal parts from the 3D CAD file by melting the metal powders in the chamber with the laser beam. This process, which is very fast and precise, produces layer layers with high accuracy with almost any metal powder material.

Highest Precision Metal Printing!

Rapid Manufacturing and Metal Prototyping Solution Partner SLM technology enables you to produce as fast as possible with a clock gear, an engine hood, whatever you want. Titanium, Aluminum, Kob-Chromium, Inconel, stainless steel and mold steels and various alloys can be produced.

SLM Technology;

  • Automotive
  • Space and Aviation
  • Defense
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Medical Applications
  • Dental
  • Jewelry and Jewelery
  • And offers solutions in many different fields of application.

Reasons to Choose Slm Solutions Solutions;

  • Latest technology
  • Fast processing time
  • High efficiency
  • Easy to use
  • Know-how and experience
  • Open system
  • User-friendly operating structure
  • Low operating costs

Features of SLM manufactured parts:

  • Machinability and high strength
  • Good bio-compatibility
  • Low thermal expansion
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Smart and lightweight design

SLM Solutions specializes in:

  • SLM® Technical
  • SLM® Medical
  • SLM® Dental
  • Low-Temperature Alloys
  • Polyurethane Vacuum Casting